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2020 has certainly been one of the most turbulent years in recent history. A global pandemic that has brought the world almost to a standstill is something that nobody wanted to believe in. Yet according to an Italian proverb, “Hope is the last thing ever lost.” Scientist and pharmaceutical companies around the world are collaborating together to find a vaccine, health professionals are working tirelessly to help those who are ill, key workers are continuing to go out and keep our infrastructure together, and the general public tries to abide by social distancing rules even if it means not seeing their loved ones. Each contribution, even if it seems so very small, will help us combat this pandemic together.

The online world has played a crucial role in keep things together—from communicating with each other, to shopping, to working from home—all so that we can follow the rules and reduce our exposure to the virus.

To help you navigate through the complexity of keeping your online presence protected as well as secured, we have summarized our 2020 best practice guides for you. 

1. Digital Asset Security: Back to Basics

Worldwide cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise, making it harder to secure an online brand. Get back to the basics of digital asset security to manage today’s risks.

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2. Beyond the Firewall: DNS Defenses to Mitigate Online Threats

Beyond the Firewall: Implementing DNS Defenses to Mitigate Online Vulnerabilities and Threats

Read our white paper to find out why a firewall is just not enough in today’s cyber crime environment.

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3. 6 Ways to Strengthen DNS Security

6 Ways to Strengthen DNS Security, what is dns shadowing

With the world online today, the domain name system (DNS) is one of the most regular targets of cyber criminals. Learn six ways to enhance your DNS security to keep your infrastructure safe from cyber criminals.

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4. The Case for a Secondary DNS Service

The Case for a Secondary DNS Service

This guide highlights the use of a secondary DNS to provide your business with the redundancy it requires to maintain its online presence.

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5. Mergers and Acquisitions: Taking Care of Digital Brands During Entity Consolidation

Mergers and Acquisitions: Taking Care of Digital Brands During Entity Consolidation

This guide explains the five core areas to monitor for intellectual property and cyber security risks, and includes an interactive checklist to ensure no digital assets are missed during a merger or acquisition.

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6. Domain Name Lapse Framework: Stop – Review – Action

CSC Domain Name Laps Policy: Stop – Review – Action

While many companies spend time reviewing the domain names they wish to lapse, they don’t always have all the information to make a truly informed decision. To help you navigate this complicated decision, we’ve come up with a three-step strategic plan: Stop – Review – Action.

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As we continue to navigate the online world even more so than before because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you’ll use our guides to keep your brands and customers protected.

Best of the Best (Practice Guides): A Year in Review