CSC is currently the only provider in the market offering our unique tool giving complete oversight of your most business-critical assets – namely CSC Security Center. It gives you the ability to monitor proactively the security status of all of your vital domains, DNS, digital certificates—as well as receive email alerts of changes or potential risks as and when they happen.

In this 30-minute session, we’ll run through exactly how CSC Security Center works and show you the benefits it could provide your organization. We’ll cover how using this tool enables you to:

  • Secure your vital domains with registry locks and DNSSEC
  • Mitigate the risks posed by unauthorized access to your vital domains
  • Reduce the risk of DNS compromise and disruption
  • Monitor and reduce your risk of email spoofing
  • Assess the risk posed by digital certificates across your portfolio

The live date for this webinar has now passed, but you can view this session on-demand here.

CSC Security Center — What It Can Do for You