Securing a company’s digital infrastructure has become a major concern to corporations worldwide. Recent CSC research focuses on the media industry, revealing that 78% of global media brands use a corporate domain registrar, yet only 37% of those have a registry lock to protect their DNS from hijacking.

More worrisome is that 55% of media brands use enterprise DNS, but only 3% have domain name system security extension (DNSSEC) enabled. DNSSEC secures against DNS spoofing or cache poisoning, which can result in hackers taking control of an internet browsing session or redirecting users to deceptive websites.

Recent domain hijacking, unauthorized changes, and deletion of vital domains have shown that effectively managing domain names and DNS must become a critical component for enhancing the security posture of any company with an online presence.

In this most recent report, we look at:

  • Domain security trends among global media brands
  • Phishing and email fraud risks
  • Recommendations for getting secure
  • And more

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Media Industry Cyber Security Findings