Weekly Launch Guide September 13, 2021

Weekly Launch Guide September 13, 2021

Here are launches occurring within 30 days from today

Extension Start Date Order Entry Deadline First-come First-served (FCFS) Suggested Users
‘Limited Registration Phase
.zuerich 30-Sept-2021 27-Oct-2021 No  ‘.zuerich is a TLD for companies with a nexus to the Canton of Zurich. The limited phase is reserved for public law entities with an administrative office in Zurich.
.th 1-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 Yes ‘.th is the top level ccTLD for Thailand
‘Landrush Registration Phase 
.spa 26-May-2021 1-Oct-2021  Yes ‘.spa is an TLD directed towards companies with a nexus to the wellness and spa community


AdultBlock Qualification and .XXX SRB Update

The ICM Registry is expanding their eligibility for AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ services to include trademarks that are not in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) starting May 11th, 2021. Currently only those with trademarks registered in the TMCH and .XXX Sunrise-B Blocks are eligible to register AdultBlock services. Please reach out to your client service partner if you are interested in hearing more information on the AdultBlock services and eligibility expansion.

Additionally, Sunrise-B Blocks will begin converting to AdultBlock services starting in December. If you have any questions please reach out to your client service partner.

Top Level .AU Launch Announcement

The .AU Registry has announced the Top Level TLD will begin launching 24-Mar-2022 and we are working to ensure our systems are ready to take orders. In the meantime, please reach out to your client service partner with any questions.

.BD Registry – Temporary suspension (Registration + Transfer)

The registry has implemented a temporary suspension to registration and transfer orders due to an ongoing legal matter within local Bangladesh court. This ongoing legal matter is a direct impact to the registry and they are diligently working to draft new regulations and procedures for registration orders. CSC will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation.  Please note this temporary suspension is an impact to all registrars that support .BD domain names. At this time DNS delegation is intact and sites are remaining active. CSC can still modify WHOIS details + DNS details, as well as renew domains (potentially subject to change).

Still Launching

Alongside the above, the following TLDs have launch phases (Pre-General Availability) that are currently still in progress.

  • SPA
  • TH