Here are launches occurring within 30 days from today

Extension Start Date Order Entry Deadline First-come First-served (FCFS) Suggested Users
Sunrise Registration Phase
.contact 29-Sep-2020 25-Nov-2020 No A cruical page on your website is the ‘Contact us’ page. This gTLD will enable an easier search for your customers to locate your contact infromation on the web. .CONTACT may be used for any purpose, by any business, group, or individual, making this new TLD a great option for anyone looking to increase conversion rates by providing better contact accessibility.
.lu 1 & 2 characters 2-Oct-2020 30-Sep-2020 No Relevant to companies interested in acquiring a previously reserved 1 & 2 character domain from the .lu Registry’s TLD List
.cpa 1-Sep-2020 29-Oct-2020 No Relevant to companies that have licensed CPA firms.
Limited Registration
.eus 1 & 2 characters 14-Sep-2020 13-Oct-2020 No Relevant to companies with a connection to the Basque Country community.
Premium Release Phase
Donuts TLD 15-Oct-2020 N/A Yes Relevant to companies interested in acquiring a previously reserved domain from the DONUTS Registry’s TLD List.

The information provided is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice


.LU  1&2 character Premium Reserve Release


Launch Type: Premium Reserve Release

Important Dates: 

Sunrise phase (August 31st, 2020 – October 2nd, 2020)

Landrush Phase (November 2nd, 2020 – November 30th, 2020)

General Availability (December 15th, 2020)

Available Information: The Registry has opened up their 1&2 character previously reserved domains at a premium price to registrars.

Sunrise registration phase:

  • This phase is for trademark holders to register a name that corresponds to a protected right (Trademark or business/company).
  • Orders must be submitted by October 2nd.
  • The registry will review applications October 3rd – October 30th, 2020.
  • All examinations will be completed as of Friday October 16th, 2020.
  • If a domain has more than one eligible applicant, a private selling process will take place to allocate the domain name to the highest bidder.
    • The amount offered will be placed on the application when submitting a registration
    • If there are identical offers, the domain will be allocated in a random drawing from concerned parties.
    • If no bid is placed on the application form there is risk of not securing the domain. The largest bid will be allocated the domain if more than one eligible applicant applies.
    • The bidding process as well as the potential drawing, will take place under the supervision of a sworn bailiff at the week beginning October 19th, 2020.

Landrush registration phase:

  • All interested parties are permitted to register during this phase. Domains will be registered on behalf of the highest bidder.
  • Domains allocated through an auction process to the highest bidder exclusively through an online auction platform.

General Availability:

Any remaining 1 or 2 character domain names will be released on a first come, first served basis per standard .LU registration procedures.

.Jobs Premium Reserve Release for Corporate Registrars

TLD: .Jobs

Launch Type: Premium Reserve Release to Corporate registrars

Important Dates: Reserve domains will be available for Corporate registrars ONLY September 14th, 2020 – November 13th, 2020. On November 14th, 2020 the premium names will be open to the public.

Available Information: The Registry has opened up their reserved domains at a premium price to Corporate registrars.

Suggested Users: Companies and organizations seeking to register the same version of their corporate names and use it for a site aimed at those seeking employment with their company. Registrations to potentially improve search engine optimization, site redirection from existing employment pages, or shortened domains for recruitment marketing.

Donuts 14k+ previously reserved premium name release

TLD: 247 different donut TLD’s

Launch Type: Premium Reserve Release

Important Dates: Reserve domains will be available beginning October 28th, 2020

Available Information: The Registry will open 14,000+ previously reserved domains at a premium price.

.AU License rules

The registry for .AU has announced recently that they have approved a new set of licensing rules. This policy change includes previous and new registrations of third-level .au names. CSC will be in touch with our customers shortly to provide more information. This will include any action items if any result from this policy change.

.DM Premium Reserve Release for CSC

TLD: .dm

Launch Type: Premium Reserve Release to CSC clients

Important Dates: Reserve domains will be available for CSC clients up until the end of the year, 31-Dec-2020

Available Information: The Registry has opened up their reserved domains at a premium price to CSC’s clients and one other Registrar (unknown).

Suggested Users: Any entity that looks to expand their presence in Dominica or to utilize the domain in other ways as .DM is unrestricted.

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New gTLD .dealer Announces Launch Plans

Intercap Registry Inc. announced plans to launch the new gTLD, .dealer. The launch will begin with a Sunrise phase for trademark holders on April 29, 2020. This phase will be first come, first served. Domains will be allocated at the conclusion of the phase on June 1, 2020. With the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic of COVID-19, the registry has postponed this launch for a more stable time. The registry originally intended to begin the launch on March 25, 2020. CSC is communicating with the registry to understand any postponement and its impacts. New details will be announced when, and if, this information becomes available. If you are interested in this launch, please contact your Client Service Partner.

Top-Level .ar Domain Launch Delayed

The registry for .ar domains, NIC.AR, announced the postponement of General Availability for the launch of top-level .ar. The registry experienced technical issues processing payments for the recently concluded Limited Registration phase’s applications. The Limited Registration phase remains closed. The phase ended January 27, 2020. The registry has begun the General Availability phase 16-Sep-2020. If you have any questions or interest in registering a .ar domain please contact your Client Service Partner.

Still Launching

The following TLDs have launch phases (Pre-General Availability) that are currently still in progress. If you are interested in participating in any of these launches, please contact your Client Service Partner.








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