A Domain Ecosystem for Brand Owners by Brand Security Experts

A Domain Ecosystem for Brand Owners by Brand Security Experts

Launching a new brand? CSC manages millions of domain names for some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. With that kind of scale and expertise, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help clients maximize their domain security protections, navigate the complexities of the domain landscape, and protect their brand identities.

Discover premium domains for sale to support your next digital brand launch

We have now launched another trusted resource for brand owners that further prioritizes cybersecurity and IP rights. This isn’t a domain name marketplace or auction service, it’s a premium domain ecosystem that allows global brand owners to:

  1. Discover premium domains, such as SAAS.com, listed for sale by our clients
  2. Express interest in acquiring an unused CSC managed client domain
  3. Access best practices related to domain security and brand protection for brand launches
  4. Register new domain(s) for your new brand launch
  5. Benefit from us being a leading brand and security focused enterprise-class domain registrar

Additionally, if you plan on selling or acquiring premium domains, ask us about our suite of comprehensive Domain Brokerage services. We’re dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations every time, everywhere.

If you’re launching a new brand, going through a merger or acquisition, and need help either buying or selling a domain name, consult with our Domain Brokerage Team or visit premium domains for sale.