.AU Direct is Here

.AU Direct is Here

At CSC, we work exclusively with corporate clients in protecting their brands online. We’re an accredited registrar with the Australian top-level domain registry, auDA, and pleased to be offering our clients the opportunity to secure one of the newest domain extensions—.AU. This new domain space will open up naming opportunities as well as a shorter domain name for the Australian market. This means that businesses will soon be able to register company.au instead of company.com.au as their corporate domain.

This launch is bringing Australia in line with many other countries that offer top-level domains such as .DE, .FR, and more recently .UK and .NZ.

Shorter namespace

Interesting shorter domains will be popular, and they help with branding and name recall, or can be used in URL shorteners for social media marketing and offline media.

Local appeal

The pandemic has seen communities develop stronger national sentiment and preference for local goods and services. Together with the rise in digitalization and more consumers going online, using a .AU over generic .COM will be seen as more Australian, and yield greater consumer approval and engagement.

Brand protection

In the case of .UK, the number of domain disputes rose by over 230% after many brand owners failed to register relevant names in the Grandfather Phases, resulting in a high number of third-party registrations. For .AU, existing third-level holders can secure their rights to exact match names on the second-level. This leaves brand owners, in particular, open to more competition for the same namespace, and they should consider securing their rights early. 


Grandfather Phase—priority (Mar 24,2022 – Sep 20, 2022):

During this phase, registrants with an existing third-level .AU domain name will qualify for the matching top-level .AU domain name. The top-level domain will be reserved from registration by other parties. Privacy protection is not allowed for this phase.

  • Existing holders of any third-level .AU domain name, for example brand.com.au or brand.net.au, can register a matching domain name under the top-level as brand.au.
  • Holders of existing third-level .AU domains receive priority status for the corresponding top-level domain, and will be assigned a category for a Grandfather Phase.
  • There are two priority categories to qualify for the Grandfather Phase. These will be assigned with priority.
    • Priority Category 1 – The existing third-level .AU domains registered before or on the cut-off date. The cut-off date is Feb 4, 2018.
    • Priority Category 2 – The existing third-level .AU domains registered after the cut-off date and before the launch date.

Limited Registration (Mar 24,2022 – Sep 20, 2022): 

For companies requesting a new .AU domain name where there are no existing domains with priority rights.

General Availability (Sep 20, 2022): 

This phase is open to all interested registrants. The domain names will be allocated first-come, first-served. Privacy protection is not allowed for this phase.

If you’re considering registering a .AU domain name in the priority period, or wondering how you can secure and protect your brand in this namespace, please fill in the contact form.