Complete Security Oversight of Your Domain Portfolio

After a turbulent year involving restrictions of movement coupled with economic downturn, the world is slowly opening up again. Moving to a remote workforce, meeting changing customer needs, and adapting products and services, businesses had to be agile. Global businesses acted fast to ensure business continuity, trying to remain competitive and relevant by putting emphasis on their digital strategy.

However, the digital landscape needs protection and ongoing security to operate around the clock and around the world—especially during challenging times like the global COVID pandemic. Having proper security measures in place is vital. A digital landscape doesn’t stand still, so being able to monitor how your current landscape looks in real time so you can adjust is more important than ever.

CSC Security CenterSM is doing exactly that. CSC Security Center offers complete security oversight of a company’s domain portfolio to minimize unknown risks and reduce disruptions to your business.

“Managing large portfolios of major brands is extremely important, especially in a world where digital is quickly overtaking the traditional buying and selling of goods. But managing portfolios is just not enough anymore. Businesses need to understand what they own, what security has been put in place and who in the company has access to that,” says Walt Fry, product manager CSC Global Domains. “We offer complete oversight to our customers at no extra cost because we know that securing digital assets is the key to their success.” 

Join us for our complimentary webinar, “CSC Security Center: What It Can Do for You.” In this 30-minute session, we’ll run through exactly how it works and the benefits it can bring to any organization. Register here.