Four Key Takeaways from 2023

Four Key Takeaways from 2023

It’s that time of year again! Time to recap lessons learned and moments to remember. 2023 was a viral year—Time Magazine named Taylor Swift “Person of the Year,” Beyonce yet again defined pop culture with “The Renaissance Tour,” and “Barbie” was the highest grossing film of 2023. What do these all have in common?

Domain names.

We’ve summarized our four key takeaways from the past year to continue to guide your global domain security strategy in the new year.

1. Domain Security Report 2023

CSC has been at the forefront of reporting on the domain security posture of the Forbes Global 2000 companies annually for the last four years. 2023 emphasized a compelling business case for domain security. Learn about how compromised or hijacked legitimate domains, malicious domain registrations (homoglyphs), and hijacked subdomains are the three windows into a dozen different cyber attacks.

2. Automating digital life cycle certificates

Earlier this year, Google® announced its “Moving Forward, Together” roadmap, with the intention of reducing the maximum possible validity of public transport layer security (TLS) certificates, also known as secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, from 398 days to 90 days. While shortening the certificate life cycle does offer increased security, agility, and accountability, it can pose some challenges for organizations, particularly those with a strong web presence. More than 80% of participants in our most recent webinar on digital certificate management said they were really concerned about this! Learn how to automate now to avoid unnecessary risk.

3. The emergence of .AI

83% of companies consider artificial intelligence (AI) a high priority in their business strategy. The popularity in it marked the rise of the .AI extension—harnessing the opportunity to build your defensive strategy and promote your AI-related services. CSC analyzed the top 100 global technology companies to see if their core domain string was registered under the .AI extension—63% were owned by third parties. Have you mitigated threats by registering your .AI domain?

4. The vulnerabilities of subdomains

CSC analyzed over 6 million DNS records from our database and further filtered the set to just over 440,000 domain name system (DNS) records by looking at A records and CNAMEs pointing to cloud infrastructure, where there’s potential for compromise by subdomain hijacking. We did this to understand the current state of company subdomain management. Download our report to read more about how many companies are susceptible to subdomain hijacking.

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