How CSC’s Proactive and Personal Approach Supports Breville’s Market Expansion

How CSC’s Proactive and Personal Approach Supports Breville’s Market Expansion

Breville is an iconic global brand that enhances people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation to deliver kitchen products to more than 70 countries around the globe. We recently interviewed Jaskiran Bhambra, digital portfolio coordinator for Breville, who manages the brand’s global domain portfolio with a focus on security and compliance.

Breville has a very big domain portfolio with 600 plus domains and counting. They needed a partner who could help them manage everything centrally.

As Breville acquires new companies and expands into new markets, CSC offers a proactive and strategic approach advising on domains to secure, and the prerequisites for each domain acquisition.

“[Securing] our domains before we even launch in those areas is very key. Because it’s good to have a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive one. It saves everyone time and effort, at the end, if you have a proactive approach,” says Jaskiran. “We have recently upped our eCommerce game and we are starting to sell a lot more on our eCommerce websites. CSC has offered the security level that goes hand-in-hand with having a global eCommerce platform presence.”

On her experience with the CSC team, Jaskiran shares, “Everyone has just been an absolute blast to work with. The fact that we can talk to a real person about this is a very big thing for us because, nowadays, a lot of these services are migrating to chatbots. The teams are, number one, very knowledgeable about all their services and everything in the domain space. And secondly, they’re very professional and prompt. It just reduces the operational load when you’ve got someone who’s handling all of this, from A to Z, and they’re there for you.”