Is Your Domain Portfolio Governance Policy Up To Date?

Is Your Domain Portfolio Governance Policy Up To Date?

Updating your domain portfolio governance policy regularly will allow you to steadily move away from less effective methods for your business and into a stronger overall digital transformation strategy. Leaving policies unchanged in a rapidly evolving digital and intellectual property landscape can leave your organization at risk to comply with new regulations, new systems, technology, and security measures.

Our seven-step approach enables businesses to create a successful domain portfolio governance policy so you can better secure, promote, and protect your digital brands:

  1. Establish your policy’s goals
  2. Set out the day-to-day mechanics
  3. Decide and optimize your domain strategy
  4. Assign roles and responsibilities
  5. Identify a budget
  6. Create standards
  7. Define the reporting and review process

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This updated policy guide dives into the “who, what, when, and how” of domain name management, helping you ensure the right people are equipped to make the best decisions for your organization. This guide explains how to take advantage of digital opportunities like new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) while cutting administrative costs and reducing the risk of fraud and cyber crime.