KBR Inc. endorses CSC

KBR Inc. is an American-born, global company founded in 1901 operating in three major markets—energy, technology, and government solutions. For a company that grows annually through acquisitions, keeping on top of new domain name systems (DNS) and domain names is essential. CSC helps KBR with their global domain management—integrating new domain names into their system, properly divesting what’s not needed, and helping them invest in names they want to add.

KBR “operates in many countries [making it] important that we have a partner like CSC that can actually help us manage … in a global way,” says senior applications administrator for KBR, Steve Harley. “This effectively allows us to quickly and efficiently manage those domains all in one location, especially where we’re using more than one country, and also where we have multiple customers to provide for.”

Domain name acquisition can be tricky, especially in the global market, but CSC is able to help clients streamline and organize.

“This is vital for our business to keep our data secure and it’s also important because obviously we are constrained by local or government policies and we have the advantage with CSC to manage that,” says Steve. “By using CSC, they really do help us to manage the full end-to-end of the acquisition. So right from when we find out what the domain name is, all the way through to changing the name service and changing the details on WHOIS, and all the way through to actually bringing that into CSC and for our own management. None of the process is exactly the same and especially with different countries … it’s great to have that help … especially when you’ve got a large number happening from various locations.”

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