Marsh McLennan: An interview with Vivian Wesson

Marsh McLennan: An interview with Vivian Wesson

We are delighted to share a recent interview with CSC’s client Vivian Wesson, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at Marsh McLennan and conducted by Vanguard Magazine.

Now celebrating its 150th anniversary, Marsh McLennan has four insurance and consulting business units, including reinsurance—covering insurers from the risk of major claims. Vivian Wesson joined the company in 2005 and is responsible to protect the global professional services firm and helps guide its cybersecurity efforts.

“CSC acts as a shield. They’ve been a lifesaver,” Wesson says, because they monitor and protect Marsh McLennan’s intellectual assets from infringement and root out cyber threats, such as email fraud, that have been a near-daily occurrence for the past 18 months. Fernando Cevallos, the product director of CSC’s Fraud Protection unit, also enjoys the collaboration.

“In today’s ever expanding digital world, businesses need to have a comprehensive view of their entire online presence and be aware of any possible threat to their operation,” he says. “CSC is honored to collaborate with excellent lawyers like Vivian Wesson and the great companies they represent.”

Creating change is a professional and personal cause for Wesson this also includes promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Marsh McLennan.

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We would like to thank Vivian Wesson for her great feedback and an inspiring interview.