Protecting Your IP as Part of a Digital Transformation Strategy

By Vic DeBari, Global Director, Advisory & Engagement
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Over the past few months, the Western world has begun to slowly recover from the economic disaster COVID caused. Many countries have been able to speed up their vaccination program and abandon lockdowns, or at least loosen restrictions. Shops, bars, cinemas, and so on are opening up again, and with that, the desire people have to spend money.

According to a recently published article, Morgan Stanley is forecasting a 6.4% increase in global gross domestic product in 2021 alone. They estimate a 5.9% growth for the U.S. and 5% growth for the Eurozone. Even India, still fighting hard to come out of this pandemic, has been forecasted to grow by more than 9%.

The recession, as U.S. news outlets rightly stated, was not something we’ve seen or experienced before. At CSC, we’ve seen a large number of new brand launches, and with it, domain registrations. Compared with 2020, the numbers went up significantly. We expect this trend to continue.

Launching a new brand or a new product is a time consuming and pressurized process and will always involve the digital landscape. The digital transformation isn’t a new process, but the pandemic forced all businesses to change their requirements, customer experience, and overall processes. Every industry type—from healthcare providers, manufacturers and retail, and more—are looking to invest in digital transformation initiatives. Part of that is to protect and secure digital IP such as domain names, apps, and brand names on the market place. If it’s not done correctly and from the start, companies will run into problems very quickly.

Engaging with the right service provider as early as possible during the brand launch process will not only make the execution easier, but vital elements such as the availability of domains, security, privacy protections, redirections, and so on will be considered from the start.

Our best practice guide “Developing and Launching a New Brand” is a step-by-step guide to better understanding a business’ digital IP, how to protect and monetize a brand’s online presence, and what security measures need to be in place.

Download the best practice guide here.