The sale price of – a domain name relating to search engine optimization – has been exaggerated by recent reports, it has been claimed.

Hitesh Patel and Vadym Gurevych of Bullseye Media LTD recently purchased the rights to the domain name, but not for the $5 million-plus fee reported in the media.

Mr. Patel said he had been “literally inundated with calls” over the last three weeks by domain investors and venture capitalists who have been inquiring about the new sale price.

He confirmed to each inquirer that a lower fee had been paid for the online real estate.

Bullseye Media LTD is currently in the process of implementing its plans for the domain, Mr Patel noted.

“We have spent the last few years ensuring we are leaders in our field and our recent purchase will ensure we continue to grow our brand, client base and provide best of breed SEO and internet marketing services,” he stated.

Mr. Gurevych said the firm is “very excited” about the future prospects of this new acquisition.

He said that if companies operate in the internet marketing space, there is no better domain than sale price ‘has been exaggerated’

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