Domain Security Report: 83% of Global 2000 Organizations are at Risk of Domain Name Hijacking

By Sue Watts, head of Marketing
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Cyber criminals are always taking advantage of what security experts are now referring to as critically important security blind spots to launch domain name and domain name system (DNS) hijacking as well as other cyber threats.  They reference trusted brands and products, government agencies, and health organizations through fraudulent domain names, emails, websites, apps, social media profiles, and marketplace listings. While companies have invested in security solutions at an exponential rate to protect themselves from the continually evolving cyber security threats, they remain vulnerable.

 In our latest Domain Security Report: Forbes Global 2000, we analyze the domain name security posture of these global organizations and the findings show that  83% are at greater risk of domain name hijacking because they have not adopted basic domain security measures like the registry lock protocol.

Find out which industries and regions fare better in their security posture against global adoption benchmarks, and how companies can adopt effective multi-layered strategies for domain security.

Download the full “2020 Domain Security Report: Forbes Global 2000.” >>