Betsson Group Endorses CSC

Betsson Group Endorses CSC

Stephen Attard, the marketing tech manager at Betsson Group, talked with CSC about how our company helps Betsson maintain its domains and cybersecurity.  

Betsson Group is a Swedish company that operates more than 20 online brands in the online casino and sportsbook industry. As one of the largest companies within the European iGaming industry, a cornerstone of the Betsson Group business is being a responsible operator for its customers, suppliers, authorities, investors, and other stakeholders.

“Betsson’s 60-year history supporting 20 brands across 19 jurisdictions comes with the responsibility to properly manage and secure its domains through an enterprise-class partner—CSC.”

“Like every other online entity, Betsson Group faces a variety of challenges and potential digital threats,” says Stephen. “These include cybersecurity and fraud concerns, as well as issues related to cybersquatting, where someone with bad intent might register, sell, or redirect traffic using particular domain names in an attempt to profit from the Betsson name. Using CSC’s Domain Management and Brand Protection, Enforcement, and Takedown services is what helps the company proactively mitigate these threats to its reputation and services.”

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