This July we will host a web seminar series about various aspects of brand monitoring.

We will address why monitoring is an essential part of overall brand protection strategy, and how our solutions may help your company enforce a successful policy.

Presenters include members of our Brand Advisory team, who assist global corporations with developing tactics to protect and promote their brands.

The series will cover the following topics:

Domain Name Monitoring
Find out why companies need to monitor the domain name space and what types of infringements are common. We will also explore how this can fit into your overall domain name strategy.

Internet Monitoring
Learn what types of infringement exist on the Internet and how you can take action against infringers. We’ll also explore how results can be categorized and prioritized, preventing you from having to navigate through masses of data.

Trademark Watching
Watching your marks across numerous jurisdictions and classes can be challenging. In this session, we will discuss the techniques you can employ to help make this task easier.

Social Media Monitoring
With hundreds of millions of people now accessing social media sites everyday, do you know what is being said about your brand? Learn more about a new Social Media Monitoring service from CSC and how it can help you manage peer to peer conversations on the web.

Click here to register for any or all of the web seminars in this informative series.  We hope you join us!

Vincent D’Angelo
Director, Global Brand Advisory Team
Corporation Service Company

Brand Monitoring Web Seminar Series this July

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