5 Ways Using a .BRAND Sets You Apart

If you’re reading this, you already use or are contemplating a tool that can set you apart from the competition—a .BRAND domain. Adopting a .BRAND is a unique engine for growth. Use it to:

  • Establish a go-to-market strategy
  • Attract and retain talent
  • React nimbly to regulatory changes and tech disruptions
  • Attract and retain clients in a post-truth world
  • Secure data flows

Your .BRAND also gives you the power to build security for your online brand any way you like, including standardizing DNSSEC, digital certificates, and DMARC across your sites, and supplying dealers, brokers, franchisees, and independent consultants with a consistent, branded domain.

Our October 2019 Dot Brand Insights Report also explains the increase in the number of activated .BRANDs and what six companies have to say about their migration to a .BRAND.

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