CSC is endorsed by ABN AMRO

Robin Schouten, information security expert on the Crypto Services Team at ABN AMRO—the third-largest bank in the Netherlands—spoke to us about his experience collaborating with CSC.

“As a company, we are facing risks—every day—against our digital assets, and CSC Security Center gives me good insight into what those risks are and how to mitigate them. CSC Security Center helps us focus on the blind spots, as it gives us a complete overview of our digital asset security in the moment.”

ABN AMRO, with headquarters in Amsterdam, offers a full range of products and services to retail, private, and corporate bank clients. Their purpose is to be an enduring company that contributes to creating a better future, including accelerating the development of a sustainable society. That is why using CSC Security Center is so important to their goals. Being security-focused ensures ABN AMRO is there to help their customers.

“ABN AMRO works agile. That means we have to act quick within a changing industry. With a dedicated team at CSC, we can accomplish working agile. CSC listens to us and others in the industry, and they developed CSC Security Center based on the needs of organizations today. We know it’s also an evolving product that will continue helping us stay secure in ways we may not have anticipated yet.”

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CSC helps businesses thrive online. We help effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ valuable brand assets against the threats of the online world. From fintech, to pharma, as well as eCommerce, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods, and more, we help consolidate and secure, monitor and enforce, then optimize and promote brands to maximize digital presence, secure your digital intellectual property, and reduce costs.

We appreciate such positive feedback from our customers and thank ABN AMRO and Robin Schouten for sharing their story with us. To add your voice as a customer testimonial, contact us.