Danone is a global fast-moving consumer goods company producing nutrition brands like Aptamil and Cow & Gate, that encompass dairy and plant-based products like Actimel, Alpro, and Activia. They also offer well-known water brands, including Volvic and Evian, and so much more.

Because their online brand is essential to how they connect with healthcare professionals, patients, and other consumers, CSC manages their domains and digital assets around the world.

“An well managed online presence for us is paramount … CSC is providing the backbone for all the digital assets that power those services,” says Luke O´Connell, head of Digital and CRM for Danone in the U.K. and Ireland. “Apart from our competitors, our biggest threat really is the ever-changing [digital] landscape that we’re in—so whether that’s current hot topics, things like Brexit through to recycling—or more digitally speaking, things like cybersquatting, IP infringement—these are the real topics that we’re dealing with day to day.”

CSC helps businesses thrive online. We help effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ valuable brand assets against the threats of the online world. From fintech, to pharma, as well as eCommerce, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods, and more, we help consolidate and secure, monitor and enforce, then optimize and promote brands to maximize digital presence, secure your digital intellectual property, and reduce costs.

“When you have so many brands and so many corporate identities, the consolidation of your digital estate is absolutely crucial. Having partners you can trust is key,” O´Connell says. “Without consolidation, you’re into territory like mismanagement, security issues, potential data breaches—so without having that in place, the results can be quite far-reaching. All of our domains and DNS services are provisioned through a global domain policy, and we work really hard to enforce that locally to make sure that everything’s under one platform. We therefore work hard, for example, to bring lots of orphan domain names or DNS services back into CSC.

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CSC is thrilled to be able to help our clients navigate through the complexity of digital asset management and security.

We appreciate feedback from our clients. Thank you, Danone!

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