Which Industries and Regions Fare Better in their Domain Security Posture?

By Sue Watts, head of Marketing
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In our 2020 Domain Security Report: Forbes Global 2000, what surprises us most is the weaker than expected security posture of banks that manage personal identity information and large amounts of money. Banks, in particular, show the lowest use of corporate domain registrars versus their peers in IT, and media and entertainment.

One rationale may be that close to half of the banks represented in the Global 2000 are from Asia and Asia-Pacific companies fare much lower in their security posture than their American and EMEA peers.

The adoption of domain registry lock, and many other security controls was close to four times lower in APAC companies than those in the Americas—including DNSSEC, DMARC, and CAA records. We think this explains the APAC region’s weaker posture, as there are fewer corporate domain registrars in the APAC region.

Read the full report to learn what we recommend to reverse this trend and unsecure posture.

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