Mergers and Acquisitions: Taking Care of Digital Brands During Entity Consolidation

On June 10, 2020 the M&A Leadership Council canvassed C-suite executives and senior professionals on their plans for new mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Unsurprisingly, given the uncertain times in which we live, 51% indicated a “temporary pause” on their plans. However many of the remaining 49% see the current crisis as an opportunity to re-evaluate deals in the making as well as seek out future deals. The recent M&A boom might have come to a halt, but opportunists see deals on the horizon worth hunting.

For those actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions, now is the time to do extensive due diligence to understand any implications around intellectual property (IP) and, more importantly, to understand what cybersecurity risks there may be. Frequently, due diligence for IP and cybersecurity happens once the ink has dried and the merger or acquisition is public. However, regardless of industry, a company’s digital assets are fundamental to the delivery of goods and services, whether related to its online brand presence (e.g., websites, apps, and social media profiles) or communication with staff and customers (e.g., email, virtual private network, voice over IP access).

CSC has developed a best practice guide to highlight the important areas to consider, helping you understand the challenges of merging digital assets.

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