CSC client, Ninos Gawrieh, Security and Compliance officer at Northmill, revealed during his testimonial video shoot how CSC’s digital asset management solution allowed his Stockholm-based fintech company to focus on their customers’ experience rather than their domain name security and protection.

Northmill develops secure and intuitive financial services with the goal of simplifying everyone’s financial life.

“Being able to partner with one of the best in the domains and brand protection industry means we can relax and focus on our main business,” said Ninos. “We’d rather focus on our customers and their experience with us at Northmill, and CSC allows us to do that, worry free.”

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CSC helps businesses thrive online. We help effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ valuable brand assets against the threats of the online world. From fintech, to pharma, as well as eCommerce, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods, and more, we help consolidate and secure, monitor and enforce, then optimize and promote brands to maximize digital presence, secure your digital intellectual property, and reduce costs.

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