Our Findings Show that More than Half of the Forbes Global 2000 Companies Still Use Retail-Grade Domain Registrars. What are the Risks?

By Sue Watts, head of Marketing
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As with every research report we write, our 2020 Domain Security Report: Forbes Global 2000 offers best practices to mitigate cyber security threats. What we see time and again is the low adoption of enterprise-level domain registrars for corporations around the globe—47% versus 53% of companies using retail domain registrars.

The alternative—retail registrars—are less secure, as evidenced by past incidences and recent breaches affecting close to 20 million company accounts. The difference between a retail registrar and an enterprise-class registrar lies within the level of technology controls, accreditation, and operations processes that are in place.

Read the full report to see our recommendations to implement multi-layered domain security standards.

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