The last year and a half of living through the COVID-19 pandemic definitely accelerated the digital transformation of every business around the world. The influx of online traffic literally forced companies to adapt so their business could continue to operate and grow.

Yet a shift to a more digitally-focused world also meant an increase in cyber attacks aimed at these companies and their client base. Cyber criminals upped their game, and the attack volume and intensity has been significant.

Providers like us at CSC offer domain name system (DNS) services to secure your brands online. We partner with Neustar®, which maintains a very robust DNS infrastructure. Neustar recently released its latest report, “Cyber Threats and Trends: Securing Your Network Pandemic-Style,” explaining the latest trends, attack volume and intensity, and threat vectors that you need to know about to keep your company up and running.

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Securing Your Network Pandemic-Style — The Latest Report from Neustar