VIDEO BRIEFS: CSC’s China country manager speaks about the adoption of new gTLDs

AlbanKwanYouTubeCSC Digital Brand Services’ country manager for Greater China, Alban Kwan, spoke with Conventus Law about ICANN’s New gTLD Program—specifically what’s driving their adoption, how using new gTLDs affects search engine optimization (SEO), and how they will compare with country code domains. The interview is available in three concise video briefs.

Alban cites that the growth of new gTLD adoption will most likely come from both bottom-up and top-down influences. The bottom-up influence comes from Internet users latching on to more social or individual gTLDs. Top-down influences will come from major global brands beginning to use new gTLDs. This first video excerpt further explains these influences.

As for SEO, Google has stated they do not currently treat .brands differently from other gTLDs. But Alban thinks clever use of .brands can help push SEO. Find out why here.

Country-code domains have traditionally served a very well-defined audience, such as the individual and businesses that operate in a particular country. But new gTLDs will most likely serve a different audience, with particular attention on city TLDs (.Paris), community-based TLDs (.club), and functional TLDs (.cloud). New geo-based TLDs are more likely to be community oriented and draw a wider audience. Tune into our YouTube channel to hear Alban’s perspective on CCTLDs vs gTLDs.


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