Weekly Launch Guide February 20, 2023

Weekly Launch Guide  February 20, 2023

There are no updates on domain launches or changes in policies this week. We are sending you the February 13th update as a reminder.

Phase & Extension
Launching in next 30 Days
Start Date Order Entry
Deadline Date
First-come First-served (FCFS) Suggested Users
Grandfather Phase
.xn--4dbrk0ce 11-May-2022 20-Feb-2023 No .An IDN TLD for “Israel” which is available for customers who currently own a HEBREW IDN for .co.il or .org.il.
Phase & Extension
Launching In-Progress
Start Date Order Entry
Deadline Date
First-come First-served (FCFS) Suggested Users
Other In-Progress Launches
.th 1-Feb-2023 29-Mar-2023 Yes This is the top level .th launch for customers looking to expand their brand in the Thailand domain name space.
Phase & Extension
Future Launch Phases
Start Date Order Entry
Deadline Date
First-come First-served (FCFS) Suggested Users
Future Launches
.channel TBD n/a Yes .channel domains are for brand owners looking to host or redirect to online strorefronts; digital and physical products.


Extensions Now Offered

CSC is now offering the below extensions. If you have any questions or interest in securing a domain in one of these extensions please reach out to your Client Service Partner.

Indian IDNs:

xn--2scrj9c (ಭಾರತ) / xn--3hcrj9c (ଭାରତ) / xn--rvc1e0am3e (ഭാരതം)

Costa Rica:








.KW Trademark Requirement

Kuwait Registry, CITRA, has announced that going forward a valid trademark will be required to register, modify or renew any com.kw or net.kw domain names. Previously a matching domain registration under a .com domain name or a matching trademark were required. Under the new policy, the registrant must own a trademark that is identical to the domain name as well as the matching .com version of the domain.

The Registry is currently auditing domains upon renewal and are requesting copies of trademarks they do not have on file. CSC is working with the registry to ensure domain renewals are secure and will contact impacted customers if additional information will be required.

COM.QA E-Commerce Content Requirements:

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Qatar has set new requirements for registering and renewing commercial domain names, under the .com.qa extension. The new requirements will be enforced after the FIFA World Cup, which is hosted in Qatar, finishes on the 18th of December 2022. All e-commerce businesses in Qatar must obtain an e-Commerce Trustmark  (e-Commerce certificate) when registering and renewing their commercial domains under (.com.qa). This only applies to .com.qa domains that are operating or intended for e-commerce websites. For example; airline tickets, hotels reservations, taxi/limousine services and online shops.

Qatar’s Theqa e-commerce Trustmark is indicated by a logo displayed on the electronic commerce platform. It is badge of approval on an online retailer and is primarily aimed at the protection of online consumers. The e-commerce Trustmark certifies that a website is genuine and the eMerchant has been approved by the relevant authorities following a strict evaluation process. By qualifying for Theqa you can display your compliance to its standards, https://theqa.qa/sme-howtojoin .

.LINK Premium and Reserve Release

The Registry has announced they are updating premium pricing and releasing previously reserved .link domains starting January 5th 2023. If you have any questions or interest in securing one of these .link domains please reach out to your client service partner.

.TR has fully transitioned to TRABIS

Effective immediately domain name applications, transfers, and domain name renewals will be taken over by TRABIS which means .COM.TR, .ORG.TR, and .NET.TR are now unrestricted.

Businesses and organizations interested in registering a .TR-related domain name as an opportunity, or even for defensive purposes, should speak with their CSC strategic account manager or client service partner.