If your website disappeared right now, could you survive? Chances are that, if you’re a brand of any size, you’ll get by until normal service resumes. But how much will it have cost you in the meantime?

The cost of downtime

BB11_imageEven if your website isn’t a major source of transactional revenues, how frustrating is it for the vendor, partner or client who may have wished to access it at the critical point when the cybercriminal attacks. In short, whether measured by lost revenues or brand reputation, an outage is a serious issue. According to CIO Insight, the average cost is $105,000 per hour.

Cybercrime today is bigger, badder and more complex. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more widespread, sophisticated and frequent. At the same time, phishing attacks have seen a sharp increase too. These don’t just target your customers’ sensitive financial details. They’re aiming to disrupt the whole business. It’s pernicious, malicious and can be financially disastrous.

What can brand owners do to protect their online presence?
But despite the sophistication of cybercriminals, you can protect your brand quite easily. And it needn’t be as costly as many assume. It simply requires sufficient bandwidth and the use of multi-party authorization. The more robust your DNS system, the more capable it will be of withstanding attacks that can take you out.

Our latest edition of The Brand Bulletin outlines why such attacks, and indeed the whole domain name system, isn’t something just for techies to worry about. Everyone in the business will be concerned when your network of websites, email, VPN and FTP sites fall over. A recent survey of IT decision-makers found that nearly two in three respondents had experienced at least one DDoS attack in the past year. So the threat looms large.

In this edition of The Brand Bulletin, we’ll:
• Highlight the key risks
• Identify some solutions
• Explain why cybersecurity is no longer an optional extra
• Outline six best practices for managing DNS security

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