Protecting and securing online assets of major global brands is what we do at CSC. And with 650 brands and more than six centuries of brewing history, Anheuser-Busch InBev Brewery (AB InBev) uses CSC for domain name system (DNS) and domain portfolio management, as well as anti-counterfeiting, help with infringements, strategic advice, and more.

“AB InBev is a brewery, the biggest brewery in the world … founded around 1366 and still active. AB InBev is a company that grows by acquisition, so we acquire a lot of companies, but that means also that we need to centralize the different portfolios with CSC. And it’s not an easy task,” says Francois Uyttenhove, senior IP manager, AB InBev. “It’s our job also to convince the local operation that the centralization with CSC means in fact a centralization of their portfolio—the management—they can do it from their business unit in different parts of the world with CSC, but that we have in one platform all the domain names for our company.”

Working with CSC for over 15 years, AB InBev has used CSC services to help with domain name transfers and increased security measures on their 600 websites. AB InBev also used CSC Security CenterSM to view and manage its portfolio with CSC in near real-time—including being able to apply security to selected domains, renew domains and digital certificates, and more.

“AB InBev has 600 websites where it’s important to keep the DNS active so they never go down,” says Gabriella Esmeraldo, global IP at AB InBev. “For online threats, there are things like people registering our domain names before we get a chance to do that—or for example—counterfeit products or products using our trademarks on them. And it’s really important for us to get these threats in time and especially register domain names as soon as possible when we have a new product.”

“We are really happy with CSC. While it’s quite exceptional that in a company like ours, a vendor is staying more than 15 years for the same services … we certainly see the benefits of CSC. We also see how CSC is evolving with us, with the clients.”

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CSC helps businesses thrive online. We help effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ valuable brand

assets against the threats of the online world. From fintech, to pharma, as well as eCommerce, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods, and more, we help consolidate and secure, monitor and enforce, then optimize and promote brands to maximize digital presence, secure your digital intellectual property, and reduce costs.

“I’ve had really good experience working with CSC’s dedicated customer services. We have a very dedicated team that makes sure that we get a really friendly and quick response. They also know our company really well and can give very proactive advice,” Esmeraldo says. “One thing we have in common with CSC is that we’re both global companies—which means that their customer support is around the globe and each zone gets the help in their language and in their time zone.”

We appreciate feedback from our clients. Thank you, AB InBev!

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Anheuser-Busch InBev Brewery Endorses CSC