Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day

Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day

“Intellectual property is the DNA of an organization. Protecting IP is protecting a brand at its very heart.” – Elliott Champion, global product director, CSC Brand Protection 

World Intellectual Property Day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the importance of intellectual property (IP) and the role it plays in encouraging innovative and creative solutions that make our daily lives better.

Innovative brands continually push themselves to come up with products and services that meet our evolving needs, so it’s important to recognize them. It’s unfair and illegal that bad actors, fraudsters, and counterfeiters try to circumnavigate the rules, infringing on branded IP by impersonating brands, creating replicas of their work, and abusing their hard-earned client loyalty.

This is where CSC comes in. We’re here to protect brands’ intellectual property and reputations. We have a multitude of services to help brands stop IP infringements, including:

  • 3D Domain Security and Enforcement, powered by DomainSecSM. We use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify the issues at the source, i.e., at the domain level. ML enables us to spot patterns across industry, attack type, and domain string, meaning we can identify more infringements more widely and more accurately.

  • Multi-channel brand monitoring options. We can monitor across internet content, online marketplaces, mobile apps, social media, and paid search. Wherever a brand has online presence, we can monitor for IP abuse.

  • Image matching technology. The use of fake imagery, logos, and other visual elements has become an increasing trend by fraudsters trying to avoid detection and removal. CSC uses AI-powered advanced image-matching technology to help brands identify unauthorized use of their digital assets—like images, logos, and other visual content—enhancing detection of counterfeiting and IP infringement.

  • Clustering technology. Our clustering tool enables cross-network investigations to find commonalities between suspicious domains, internet content, social media accounts and posts, marketplace listings, and mobile apps. We can identify and link together multiple infringements from the same source and execute mass enforcement actions where required.

  • Speaking of which, we have the industry’s widest range of enforcement actions. From straightforward delistings and cease-and-desists, to more complex actions including domain acquisitions and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution (UDRP) procedures, we can enforce against IP infringements. CSC is the world’s largest filer of UDRP and Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) procedures. We can offer you the most cost-effective option to ensure that any brand and IP infringements are dealt with in the most appropriate way, saving time and money.          

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