CSC’s enterprise 3D Domain Monitoring and Enforcement solution provides a multidimensional view of various threat vectors outside your firewall targeting specific domains. With corporations operating multiple brands, with hundreds or even thousands of domains within their portfolios, it’s crucial to have rapid detection and deactivation of confusingly similar domains imitating brands.

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CSC provides the greatest detail on domain discovery, identifying whether domains host live or dormant sites, phishing sites, and more. Companies can receive comprehensive daily alerts and weekly detailed long-form reports. As an additional service, you can leverage CSC’s expert 24/7 SOC Analyst Team monitoring for suspicious domains. Supplementary threat hunting is also available to further investigate a specific domain threat.

As the world’s largest corporate domain name registrar, we’re able not only to protect and manage your core and tactical domain names, but also develop an ongoing and proactive dynamic brand monitoring program for threats outside your domain portfolio. CSC’s unique holistic approach enables you to protect all your online digital assets.

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