CSC's Domain Name Monitoring service uses an industry leading online monitoring platform to look for registrations that match your trademarks—including close matches and typosquatting—identifying the registrant and geographic factors so you can enforce your rights and take ownership of domain names.

Our software enables you to detect potential infringements, categorize and prioritize results, and take appropriate action against abuses. We also provide a wide range of enforcement options to help you protect and enforce your rights, including domain recovery services.


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Domain Name Monitoring

CSC monitors new domain registrations for potential infringements against your trademarks and brands. Using industry-leading tools, we overcome the technical and legal complexities involved in searching hundreds of domain extensions, including the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). We then categorize and prioritize the results so you only spend time on relevant issues.

CSC uses a variety of data sources to achieve the widest possible coverage, including searching across the range of available domain name extensions, using both exact matches and variants of your brand.

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