The digital world presents both opportunities and risks to brand owners, with more than 360 million domain names registered and about 5 billion internet users worldwide. Without dynamic brand monitoring solution in place, your organization could be unaware of key threats to your brand.

Security risks from posting sensitive company or staff information online

Illegitimate domain registrations being used for email-based fraud and harmful web-based content

Unauthorized trademark and copyright use

Online impersonation

Online traffic diversion


To protect your brand against infringements, it's essential to develop and run a brand monitoring strategy. CSC offers flexible Brand Monitoring solutions to fit your budget and changing needs. We can detect brand infringements across a range of digital channels based on your areas of highest risk, allowing you to take quick action against brand misuse.

  • The ability to highlight top priority results for customized reporting groups

  • Customizable dashboard summary of results

  • Each business user can have their own login username, password, and customized dashboard

Online Brand Monitoring Services
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3D DOMAIN MONITORING – Powered by DomainSecSM

CSC’s enterprise 3D Domain Monitoring and Enforcement solution provides a multidimensional view of various threat vectors outside your firewall targeting specific domains. With corporations operating multiple brands, with hundreds or even thousands of domains within their portfolios, it’s crucial to have rapid detection and deactivation of confusingly similar domains imitating brands.

CSC provides the greatest detail on domain discovery, covering newly registered, re-registered, and dropped domains, identifying whether they are live or dormant sites, phishing sites, and more.

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This service identifies other online content related to your brand, beyond cases of brand-specific domain names.

CSC offers a full portfolio of monitoring services:

Internet monitoring

Internet Monitoring

Identify online content and logo abuse

Marketplace monitoring

Marketplace Monitoring

Protect your brands from abuse on online marketplaces

Social Media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Track all mentions of brands in social media

Mobile App monitoring

Mobile App Monitoring

Monitor the major App stores to find and delist fraudulent apps

Paid Search monitoring

Paid Search Monitoring

Find and takedown the ads that cost you traffic and damage your brand

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