The digital world presents both opportunities and risks to brand owners, with more than 360 million domain names registered and about 5 billion internet users worldwide. Without dynamic brand monitoring solution in place, your organization could be unaware of key threats to your brand.

We manage the most trafficked websites online. That's why at CSC, we provide you with highly-secure, intelligent, managed services to support your valuable domain portfolios. We work on your behalf to maximize your investment, and save you money. We have the largest global footprint of enterprise domains on the internet with 24x7x365 capabilities.

Security risks from posting sensitive company or staff information online

Illegitimate domain registrations being used for email-based fraud and harmful web-based content

Unauthorized trademark and copyright use

Online impersonation

Online traffic diversion


This service identifies other online content related to your brand, beyond cases of brand-specific domain names.

CSC offers a full portfolio of monitoring services:

Internet Monitoring

Identify online content and logo abuse

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Marketplace Monitoring

Protect your brands from abuse on online marketplaces

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Social Media Monitoring

Track all mentions of brands in social media

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Mobile App Monitoring

Monitor the major App stores to find and delist fraudulent apps

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Paid Search Monitoring

Find and takedown the ads that cost you traffic and damage your brand

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3D Domain Security and Enforcement

Providing a multidimensional view of various threat vectors outside your firewall

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Edouard Lemaire |  lead product owner, Luxury Brands, ACCOR

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