Over the last 20 years, CSC has built excellent and well-established relationships with major online marketplaces, domain registrars, internet service providers (ISP), social media sites, and app stores around the world.

We are a top filer with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with a 99% success rate. Finally, we offer an expert team of online brand enforcement specialists with global language capabilities.


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"CSC is an invaluable resource to have at your fingertips…the capability of doing mass takedowns on e-commerce websites. Whether it's social media, plan ecommerce auction sites, trade boards or whatever."

– Joseph V Myers III, Partner


Regular engagement with global marketplaces ensures that CSC's enforcement process is set up in the most efficient and effective way possible. This dialogue between CSC's experts and the marketplaces serves to drive change in marketplace takedown policies, to the benefit of our brand-owner clients. CSC is therefore able to offer superior effectiveness in removing infringements on online marketplace sites with fast response times, high overall success rates, and efficient removal of infringements.

CSC uses a range of takedown and legal approaches for enforcement on online marketplaces and selects the most appropriate approach case-by-case—whether it's a trademark infringement, counterfeit product, or design-right, patent, or copyright infringement.


Through its personal relationships with domain registrars worldwide, CSC is also able to offer the removal of infringing websites at the registrar level, a permanent removal versus removal at the ISP level. With a registrar-level takedown, the website and domain name is suspended from use for the rest of the registration period.

Where necessary, our team of digital IP experts can draft and file complaints on your behalf in accordance with appropriate dispute resolution policies and procedures. These include the dispute resolution policies of applicable registries, or The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) system.

Online Brand Enforcement Services

In the event you need a domain name that's legitimately owned by a third party, CSC's experts can determine the best way to reach the registrant to negotiate the purchase price on your behalf. CSC has acquired thousands of domain names on behalf of clients and offers Acquisition services to help meet your needs.


CSC offers a diverse, multi-layered approach to enforcement. We use a combination of primary actions because no two enforcement cases are the same, we select the most appropriate approach for each case to provide the fastest and most efficient route to success.

Primary actions

Marketplace delistings, social media page suspensions, mobile app delisting, cease and desist letters, etc.

Secondary actions

Registrar-level domain suspensions, invalid WHOIS domain suspensions, etc.

Tertiary actions

UDRP and URS procedures, domain acquisitions, in-depth investigations, test purchasing, etc.

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