A report published by the Interisle Consulting Group recommends incorporating domain security into enterprise risk management, and for organizations to use enterprise-class registrars that understand “the needs of customers who place a high value on their domain names [and] consider their domain names and online presence to be business-critical.”


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The threat landscape for domain names and their owners is no different from the landscapes for other assets that enterprises fold into enterprise risk management

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Every minute an eCommerce site is unable to process transactions—or the days an organization is unable to operate as their systems are held at ransom—equates to costly revenue loss and reputation damage that organizations cannot afford. Yet cyber threats continue to occur at increasing frequency, even among large enterprises and governments.

An overwhelming majority of companies are reportedly taking a huge risk by using consumer-grade registrars that are characterized by volume sales and commodity pricing with “little margin for them to implement costly security measures.” Some of these consumer-grade registrars even display indicators of criminality, offering bulk registration services, name generation tools, little validation of registrant identity, and have persistently high concentrations of spam domains under management.


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Because incidents and responses attract public attention, there is an overemphasis on attack response and underemphasis on pro-active, preventative measures to detect, identify, and mitigate threats before an attack can occur

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