At CSC, we believe domain security intelligence is power. As the leading enterprise-class domain registrar for the largest brands in the world, CSC is revolutionizing the domain name ecosystem.

DomainSec is a SaaS cybersecurity platform that CSC has invested in to create the industry’s first holistic approach for securing and defending brands’ domain ecosystems. This pioneering platform uses its proprietary technology and combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and clustering technology to enable the security heuristics including leading indicators of compromise. In bringing CSC’s domain management and domain security, along with brand protection and fraud protection solutions into one platform, we can offer you exponentially better protection and help you to refine your zero-trust security model, taking you beyond just safeguarding perimeters.


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DomainSec is a unique platform offering a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view of domain security, protecting businesses against significant attack vectors. The resulting impact of these kinds of attacks can cripple an organization in terms of revenue loss and reputation damage. Let DomainSec help you streamline your own workflows, protecting against cyber risk and fraud, so you can focus on innovating faster.

DomainSec Machinelearning Clustering technology Artificialintelligence Intelligence onexternal attack vectors Domain securityintelligence Attack vectors • Phishing • Ransomware • Business email compromise • Hijacked domain names • Impersonation fraud • Other types of attacks Company orbrand owner Intelligence-basedsecurity measures External attackson a company
DomainSec Platform


Established research shows that phishing attacks most commonly occur from a maliciously registered, confusingly similar domain name, a compromised or hijacked legitimate domain name, or via email spoofing.

Domain security framework

  • Defend against compromised domain activity

  • Protect against suspicious and malicious domains

  • Safeguard against email spoofing

Defend against compromised domain activity Protect against suspicious and malicious domains Safeguard against email spoofing DOMAINSECPLATFORM
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