Failure to renew important domains is surprisingly more common than most companies think, and in most cases is due to a poor choice of registrar or not understanding the crucial role of domains in an organization's structure.

Website visitors will have a poor experience, and any other service within a business that's being supported by the lapsed domain will no longer function—most notably email, which is the most important, yet unofficial, company workflow tool.


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Expired or Abandoned Domain Names

The threat is that expired or abandoned domains could be available for registration by others, including cyber criminals who then direct visitors to a spoofed website, using the domain to launch phishing attacks against a company's clients. Just because a domain registration has lapsed does not mean access to that specific company has been erased. Inbound emails from clients and staff of the former domain owner can be intercepted and confidential information harvested by bad actors.

To avoid amassing growing portfolios that are hard to manage, corporations should employ a holistic, four-step digital optimization framework to review their digital assets, including auditing and rationalizing their domain names portfolio for better management, and their return on investment.

CSC Security CenterSM informs businesses which domains are their most vital, removing the guesswork from the process. It also ensures that decisions on renewals are carefully considered, as well as data-driven, to allow for "right-sizing" and budgeting—and that critical domains are never abandoned due to lack of oversight.

Expired or Abandoned Domain Names
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