CSC is the trusted provider of choice for the Forbes Global 2000 companies and the 100 Best Global Brands® for domain name management, domain name system (DNS) services, digital certificate management, as well as digital brand and fraud protection solutions.


While companies are making significant investments to improve their security posture and reduce risk, many are still exposed to security blind spots when it comes to proactively and securely managing some of the most fundamental internet assets that allow them to conduct business—unsecure domain names, DNS, and digital certificates.

Cyber criminals regularly use a wide variety of tactics to gain access to foundational components that enable a company to operate online. The consequences are devastating to their most valuable assets—their brand, reputation, and bottom line—and expose them to significant financial penalties as a result of policies like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). CSC secures and protects your business-critical digital assets outside the firewall so you can reduce the risk of revenue, data, and brand reputation loss.


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Why do 90%+ of all Fortune 500® companies and 90%+ of the Interbrand® 100 Best Global Brands use CSC?


  • We have unmatched service teams throughout the world who provide you with localized service on a global scale.
  • When you partner with CSC, you get a dedicated team of experts to manage your security.


  • Our multi-layered security approach provides industry-leading protection against cyber attacks lurking in blind spots outside your firewall.
  • CSC's innovative technology allows customers to proactively protect their businesses against cyber threats and online brand abuse.


  • We are more than 120 years old, financially stable, with a long-standing service culture.
  • We continually make long-term investments in our business far beyond the commitment of many competitors who are start-ups or aren't built to last.


CSC is the registrar of choice for domain name portfolio management and security. Because we have the largest global footprint online, we’re able to detect and mitigate fraud and brand abuse faster having an essential whitelist that other providers can't offer.

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Very efficient and responsive set of people, whose focus is customer service and satisfaction!

Alex Marmol  |  UXC – global digital marketing manager at Vertiv Holdings

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