“CSC has offered the security level that goes hand-in-hand with having a global eCommerce platform presence. The fact that we can talk to a real person about this is a very big thing for us because, nowadays, a lot of these services are migrating to chatbots. CSC is very professional and prompt. It just reduces the operational load when you've got someone who's handling all of this, from A to Z, and they're there for you.”

– Jaskiran Bhambra, digital portfolio coordinator

Vantiva SA

“ Very good customer service, good responsiveness from the team.” 

– Marie Ladam, Vantiva SA (previously Technicolor SA), paralegal

“We’re using from CSC all the services that allow us to sleep better at night... Protecting the reputation of the brand online is, I would venture, one of the first three objectives we have to give ourselves in running our business. We try to cover every possible domain known to mankind.”

– Daniele Tranchini, chief marketing officer

"We worked with CSC to define and implement a global domain policy that supports us harmonizing and centralizing our portfolio... The collaboration with CSC has been great and the partnership is fantastic, especially when it comes to the dedicated customer service team."

– Nima Attarzadeh, Merz senior manager of Identity and Digital Services, Group IT Services and Infrastructure


“ We've worked with CSC for a long time and their support has always been prompt and on point, their expertise and customer service are key for us.” 

– David Arce Salazar, BCD N.V., Global Webmaster

"With a huge domain portfolio of more than 20 brands to manage, Betsson Group works together almost daily with CSC’s dedicated team of experts… CSC customer service is friendly, always available, and always ready to assist Betsson with immediate support."

– Stephen Attard, Marketing Tech Manager

Paul Hartmann Ag

“ Working with CSC on domain management and brand protection is invaluable to our organization. Their comprehensive services and tailored solutions enable us to efficiently manage our domains and protect our brands from potential threats.” 

– Jana Maxi Quinsz, Paul Hartmann Ag

"The teams we work with at CSC are really good at identifying counterfeits and unauthorized use of images. Over time, the team at CSC has been able to work more independently as they have gotten to know our brand, our challenges, and the team."

– Melker Lindström, Digital Tech Lead

Acco UK Limited

“ CSC support is dependable, responsive, and has the knowledge to solve any issues or questions quickly.” 

– Jason Wojtaszek, Acco UK Limited, network administrator, Projects

"At the beginning of our partnership, we had tons of counterfeit products on the net and could hardly keep up with them. After more than 2.5 years of active support from CSC, things now look very different."

– Julia Jansen, Senior Specialist, Non-Technical IP

Automotive Company

“ CSC is one of our long-term trusted partners who understands our unique needs and requirements and rises to the challenge. Their commitment to providing the best expertise, the latest industry information, and ongoing communication is greatly appreciated and is reflected in our long-standing partnership.” 

– Automotive Company

"We chose CSC after extensive research. CSC has the know-how and places great emphasis on personal and direct contact with its clients. This is a real added value in our relationship, which must above all be one of trust."

– Marie-Christine Virion, Network Administration Project Manager

Luxury Hotels Group

“ Thank you, CSC, for transforming our experience in the world of digital assets with the commitment to security, user-friendliness, and exceptional customer support.” 

– Luxury Hotels Group

"CSC is very professional and efficient in all aspects, be it technical screening, infringement analysis, or abuse takedowns—and is a trustworthy partner."

– Sean Dai, General counsel

Manufacturing Company

“ The services provided by CSC are very good; we’re satisfied with their brand protection platform and the Domain Name service. We've been using their Brand Protection service for a few years now, and we're very satisfied with it. Before, we were using another brand protection platform, and it wasn't powerful or intuitive enough. What's more, the people at CSC are always ready to listen and give quick answers to our questions.” 

– Manufacturing Company

"When launching a new campaign, we're now able to register the domain required within a few hours and then apply a shortened URL, which is easy to pronounce and recognized. We're using CSCDomainManagerSM for our registration and a link management platform called Rebrandly for parts of our URL strategy."

– Ian Semey, Senior Global Webmaster

Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

“ A dynamic, responsive, and competent team. Not to mention caring, understanding, and kindness. What more could you ask for!” 

– Jean Charrier, informaticien, Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

"Domains are valuable to our business, and critical domain names are our top priority to protect."

– Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin, virtual analyst at Averis

Luxury Brands, ACCOR

“ Expertise, quality, and security—a key partner for our group.” 

– Edouard Lemaire, lead product owner, Luxury Brands, ACCOR


“ The answers are quick and the actions effective!” 

– Yoann Monnat, MAIF, chargé de projets Com Institutionnelle and Médias Sociaux


“ Nothing to say ... IT JUST WORKS.” 

– Andreas Dittrich, drifts support, Rigspolitiet

"CSC is an invaluable resource to have at your fingertips…the capability of doing mass takedowns on e-commerce websites. Whether it's social media, plan ecommerce auction sites, trade boards or whatever."

– Joseph V Myers III, Partner

Marjane Holding

“ Your team has proven to be an invaluable resource for us. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to solving our challenges have greatly contributed to our success. We’re grateful for this fruitful collaboration.” 

– Mehdi AKRAB, Marjane Holding, directeur Adjoint SI Production

World leader in general lighting

“ Very customer-friendly, solution-oriented, with short processing times.” 

– World leader in general lighting

International Property Group

“ What truly stands out about CSC is their remarkable speed in addressing urgent issues. In today's fast-paced digital world, swift and efficient problem resolution is of paramount importance. I have been consistently impressed by their rapid response times and their ability to handle even the most critical matters with urgency and precision. We migrated over 1,200 domain DNS records over to CSC. The project managers were amazing, very knowledgeable, and created a road map for every part of the project. Any potential problems were highlighted before the transfer—then ironed out. I’m happy to say the project was completed with hardly any hiccups.” 

– International Property Group

"We take cyber and digital threats very seriously and are working tirelessly to prevent our sites from going down due to a DNS issue, a site hack, or even slow performance. We're confident in CSC as a partner for those services."

– Abhishek Patel Senior Consultant, Infrastructure Management

Global Asset Management Company

“ Excellent customer service and excellent services. Always quick to assist us with any issues or question we may have.” 

– Global Asset Management Company

"Often in technology, companies buy for price or feature, but rarely on service. With CSC, the dedicated service team that assists is one of the strongest parts of the overall offering."

– Patrick Flanagan, SVP of Digital Strategy

World leader in specialty chemicals

“ CSC has been an invaluable partner to us over the years. Their public DNS services keep our online platforms running seamlessly and securely. We're grateful for CSC's expertise and responsive support in helping us provide the best possible experience for our users.” 

– World leader in specialty chemicals

"The CSC team has been a great support to Fletcher Building with quick and prompt revert for domain registrations and certificate renewals. They do amazing work, organizing and summarizing the data for us."

– Neha Yadav, Group Technology Infrastructure Engineer

Banking group

“ We really appreciate CSC's responsiveness and proactivity, which has helped us to clear up a number of issues.” 

– Banking group


“ The CSC team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Professional and always quick to respond on queries. Requests are well vetted and feedback are valued and appreciated. Thank You to the CSC team for an awesome customer service.” 

– Thinus Van Zyl, Senior Information Security Specialist

Greystar Real Estate Partners

“ CSC has been proactive in delivering domain management services to us, their account managers are supportive and friendly every step of the way.” 

– Henry Emuwawon, Digital Marketing Manager


“ CSC have been fantastic in managing our domain related queries. Very knowledgeable about this space. The team is very helpful in solving all our queries and their response time is also very good. All the best!!!!!” 

– Aaron Noronha, Global IT Service Desk Manager


“ CSC is a trusted partner, offering expertise and highly valuable advice and is always open to discuss and respond to our business needs.” 

– Anca Surdu, Domain Name Project Manager

Exelon Corporation

“ I highly recommend CSC domain services. The service and responsiveness of our day-to-day account lead, Digital Brand Consultant and Regional Leader is nothing short of stellar. With numerous duties and focus areas in addition to domains, I know when something is asked of my CSC team, it is addressed. This support has become increasingly valuable as domain management, phishing attacks, and brand issues are becoming an ever-present part of doing business. I recently started using their take-down service for material threats, also with stellar service and results.”  Show more … Show less …

– Kevin D. Stepanuk, Associate General Counsel

Belron Group Services AG

“ For businesses like Belron® who manage a global, diverse and complex domain portfolio CSC is just the perfect partner!” 

– Dr. Marion Wössner, Head of Trademarks and Domains

Bank of Queensland

“ We have been using CSC to manage our domains for years now and always received an A+ customer success management service. This to me, makes the difference with competitors.” 

– Eddy Jarnet, Digital Channel Lead

Australian Health & Nutrition Association Limited

“ CSC are at the forefront of our digital brand recognition and domain services. Their assistance has allowed us to grow and evolve in an ever-changing digital space.” 

– Kalel Johnston, Digital Producer

"As a company, we are facing risks—every day—against our digital assets, and CSC Security Center gives me good insight into what those risks are and how to mitigate them."

– Robin Schouten, Information Security expert

Volvo Construction Equipment

“ CSC as a strong business partner is a key enabler to support companies on the digital transformation.” 

– Jean-Charles Haas, Global Digital Marketing architect

Star One Credit Union

“ We find that their proactive approach to infringement protection, alerting, and site takedowns keeps us well ahead of the fraudsters and phishers who otherwise would have free rein on our brand. Helps us sleep better at night. An outstanding group to work with.” 

– Fred Shuherk, Senior Web Services manager

"CSC allows us to manage our entire domain name portfolio, including security audits, and check if we've added MultiLock where we need it …"

– Pierre Tréhorel, Digital Content and Domain Names strategist

United Airlines

“ CSC is highly recommended! They are very professional, efficient and always readily available when we need them. They have worked with us through any of our issues and always help with quick resolutions! Thank you for your partnership!” 

– Rita Nassar, Information Technology Procurement

"Being able to partner with one of the best in the domains and brand protection industry means we can relax and focus on our main business. We'd rather focus on our customers and their experience with us at Northmill, and CSC allows us to do that worry free."

– Ninos Gawrieh, Security and Compliance officer

Bristol-Myers Squibb

“ Highly recommend! Awesome, enthusiastic, supportive and knowledgeable team to work with.” 

– Barbara Bestwick, Software Asset Management

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

“ CSC Global helped us with the migration of DNS zones from our on-premise data centre to the cloud. Professional services were provided free of charge to help with this critical piece of work.” 

– Gretchen Stroud, Senior Associated General Counsel

Is 'cyber crime' just a buzzword? Why companies should worry

The LEGO Group is a Danish toy production company based in Billund. The company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen and became the world's largest toy company by revenue in 2015.

Federal-Mogul Corporation

“ The team at CSC is always on top of our projects and partner with us to ensure our needs are met. Very high quality partner that is flexible and understands our business.” 

– Jason Light, Director of Digital Marketing

Dollar Financial Group

“ CSC has one of the best domain management and brand management solutions. Their quick turnaround, extensive experience and proactive guidance in the domain landscape helped us to make informed decisions to achieve our goals.” 

– Jayakrishnan Krishnakumar, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Vertiv Holdings

“ Very efficient and responsive set of people, whose focus is customer service and satisfaction!” 

– Alex Marmol, UXC, Global Digital Marketing Manager

STMicroelectronics International N.V.

“ Great service. Very knowledgeable and highly reactive.” 

– Colin Long, Director of Online Marketing

"Because everything is managed by CSC, and we work with a local CSC team that allows us to communicate easily back and forth, it was easy to engage them to get the websites taken down versus going through a long, costly legal process."

– David Ralph, Head of Risk Management and Compliance

XL Global Services, Inc

“ Best customer service and infrastructure of all the large vendors I have worked with over the past 10 years.” 

– Chris Duers, Senior Architect, IT


“ Having domains, certificates and brand reports within one service saves us a lot of time that we can spend on other important tasks.” 

– Nicky Fritsch, IT Operations Manager

"CSC provided Mirvac with robust centralized management that helps us standardize our registrations while allowing us to maintain efficient control. They’ve exceeded our expectations at every turn."

– Nick Vine, Cyber Security Group Manager

"A well managed online presence for us is paramount … CSC is providing the backbone for all the digital assets that power those services."

– Luke O'Connell, Head of Digital and CRM

"One thing we have in common with CSC is that we're both global companies—which means that their customer support is around the globe and each zone gets the help in their language and in their time zone."

– Francois Uyttenhove, Senior IP Manager

"CSC supports us with the whole operational package around our three .BRANDS. The compliance that we have to undertake according to the ICANN program is extensive and also quite complicated if I may say so. So, we have outsourced everything to CSC, and I think it works very well."

– Charlotte Falck, Head of Group Trademarks and Brand Related IP

"It is vital for our business to keep our data secure and it's also important because obviously we are constrained by local or government policies and we have the advantage with CSC to manage that."

– Steve Harley, Senior Applications Administrator

AIB Investment Managers Ltd

“ Our Account Manager is excellent. He makes himself available to provide support and guidance.” 

– Kara Houlihan, Website Manager


“ CSC's digital brand services team is always right on the spot, they can be counted and relied upon at all times.” 

– Vincent Couteau, Head of Legal IPR

Australian Health & Nutrition Association Limited

“ CSC Global has provided us with a central and secure space for our domain, DNS and digital services. Their assistance and guidance with security innovation has allowed us to grow in an ever-changing digital space.” 

– Kalel Johnston, Digital Producer

Capita plc

“ Very quick at responding and communicating to requests, friendly and professional. Great service!” 

– Lee Agnew, IT Solutions Delivery Manager


“ CSC are the engine of our digital IP estate, allowing us to focus on running our business and supporting our customers. With dedicated, responsive account managers and an ability to operate in markets around the world, we consider CSC one of our most trusted partners.” 

– Luke O' Connell, Danone Digital & CRM Team

HP Inc.

“ CSC is a very professional business partner with experienced people who are always looking for opportunities to support better.” 

– Maarten de Mol van Otterloo, Supplies Lead, ACF and Regulatory Strategy

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.

“ Excellent product complimented with excellent team and service.” 

– Genes Lim, Projects Director, Global Compliance


“ Being one of the leading sports brands, results in high desirability of PUMA products. Protecting our brand and IPRs very thoroughly offline and online is absolutely crucial, to protect our consumers. Therefore, we have chosen to work with CSC in some of our key markets and are more than happy with our choice. Through CSC's proactive measures, we have greater visibility into online channels, enabling us to mitigate risks very fast. The CSC team does exceptional work, provides extremely fast and detailed response and always leads us to the right results.”  Show more … Show less …

– Ulla Sieber, Manager Brand Protection


“ Time and again CSC has been able to provide help in the blink of an eye when things get dicy.” 

– Andreas Dittrich, Koncern IT, Driftssupport

RS Components Ltd

“ CSC provide a global service for all my domain registration, protection, securing and monitoring. Excellent service with a dedicated account manager and 24/7 global service. I have used them for 10 years and have no intention of changing this.” 

– Simon King, Security operations manager

Symbion Pharmacy Services Pty Ltd

“ The best UI i have seen so far, easy to navigate and make changes. Dedicated team and best customer service :)” 

– Hemanth Kanakamedala, Lead Cyber Security Engineer



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