Navigating new regulations

PCCW operates the largest local pay-TV operation, Now TV, and provides over-the-top (OTT) video service under the Viu brand in Hong Kong and other regions—reaching viewers anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They also operate a domestic-free television service in Hong Kong, as well as provide information technology and business process outsourcing in Hong Kong and mainland China. Their presence spans 40 countries around the globe, including Greater China, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the U.S.

Over the last decade, PCCW has won over 250 awards for their products, service, and brand— amongst others—reinforcing the fact that they need an experienced partner in brand protection to help secure their brand against online threats and keep their reputation intact. Security trends are ever changing as cyber criminals become savvier, and international policies like the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology domain name registration and web hosting policy (China; end of 2017) significantly change the way companies will have to do business online. Partnering with a knowledgeable provider who stays abreast of changes like these helps companies effectively navigate new regulations.

PCCW Client Testimonial

PCCW Limited (PCCW®) is a global telecommunications, media, IT, property development, and investment company headquartered in Hong Kong. They are Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, and leading operator of fixed-line, broadband, and mobile communication services.

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The CSC partnership in action

Being a major player in several fast-moving industries—especially IT and media—security of PCCW’s online brand, keeping pace with the increasing requirements from various regulatory policies around the world, and streamlining business workflows are all necessities for this global company to continue to grow and thrive. But the foundation of any great strategy is consolidation.

Through their various businesses, PCCW owns a large brand portfolio across many domain name registries, including local and international registries, which all come with their own set of requirements and complex regulations to which PCCW needs to comply.

Starting with consolidation, PCCW needed help gathering their digital assets into one comprehensive view—including domain names, as well as country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), and secure sockets layer certificates (SSLs)—for better oversight. PCCW is also continually growing each of its many businesses, which comes with frequent requests for domain names for new brands and initiatives. Keeping up with the demand of several thousand digital assets across multiple businesses within one company can become overwhelming and uncontrolled. This can lead to problems like lapsed certificates, wasted budget on non-strategic domain names, and creating security blind spots that cyber criminals might find and exploit.

Before partnering with CSC® in 2015, PCCW dealt with the many last minute requests by shopping for various ccTLDs through various registrars or resellers around the world. With quick turnaround demands and lack of expert advice, PCCW struggled with regulatory requirements from multiple jurisdictions during domain registrations. CSC was able to consolidate the PCCW portfolio, as well as advise PCCW on how they could remain compliant and make adding domain names easier through a single registrar. CSC was also able to provide analysis for gaps in the portfolio, including making suggestions for domains to register in key areas, identifying where PCCW needed to take enforcement action, and indicating domains that could benefit from increased security measures.

CSC is also able to manage all sanctioned domain name registrations and portfolio transfers, including difficult ones with tight timelines. This is a boon to PCCW, especially when executing large domain name transfers as a result of mergers and acquisitions.

“What made CSC a good fit for our needs was their customer service, account management, and advisory services,” says David Ralph, head of Risk Management and Compliance. “They also have an extensive network of registry, registrar, and other vendors in the industry who they work with, so they are a one-stop-shop for us.

Securing their brand

As a leading telecommunications and internet services provider that supports the businesscritical operations of thousands of companies, it is imperative that PCCW’s own digital assets— domain names and SSLs—are secured. If a brand’s critical domains went down, online commerce would stop for them and their customers, email would be affected, and so would the company’s bottom line. Any downtime or outage can damage a brand’s reputation and customer base if necessary precautions to secure digital assets aren’t taken, including protecting customer data from cyber attacks, and going after brand infringements.

CSC helps companies lock their most critical domain names at the registry- and registrarlevel to prevent unauthorized changes and hijacking—and CSC’s team of enforcement specialists help companies take action against infringing websites quickly and effectively.

“CSC helped us take down two infringing websites in the same day,” says David. “Because everything is managed by them, and we work with a local CSC team that allows us to communicate easily back and forth, it was easy to engage them to get the websites taken down versus going through a long, costly legal process.”

With a local team in every region, CSC provides localized and updated advisory to help navigate trends and changes that affect PCCW’s businesses. And having a central platform and a managed service helps PCCW be more effective and efficient in managing their portfolio while seamlessly growing their businesses.

Find out how CSC can help your company consolidate and secure, optimize and promote, and monitor for threats while enforcing your brand rights.

Because everything is managed by CSC, and we work with a local CSC team that allows us to communicate easily back and forth, it was easy to engage them to get the websites taken down versus going through a long, costly legal process.

–  David Ralph, Head of Risk Management and Compliance

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