Digital certificates are the fundamental building blocks to success for your online business, as they provide authentication for websites and enable an encrypted connection for you and your customers. If not maintained or replaced before expiration, they create vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can take advantage of.


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Given that browsers like Google® are now marking webpages without certificates as unsecure—as well as a growing number of connected devices (IOT) needing encryption to be safe—the need for digital certificates is growing, even exploding.

Expired Digital Certificates


SSL digital certificates are the first line of defense to thwart cyber crime and are still one of the best forms of IT protection. Website visitors receive warning error messages on pages that are not secure with a digital certificate, letting them know their personal information could become compromised, making them susceptible to fraud and identity theft.

Unlike other digital services that renew automatically, SSL certificates expire, leading to inevitable risk. Without digital certificates:

  • Your website may no longer be secure
  • For customers, the experience can be both frustrating and dangerous
  • Digital shopping baskets are more likely to be abandoned
  • Your brand and reputation suffer
Expired Digital Certificates
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