Domaincasting helps chief information security officers (CISOs) and their teams mitigate threat vectors outside the firewall in the external attack surface, providing a complete picture of threats targeting online domains. It’s the largest digital blocking network, is powered by CSC’s DomainSec platform, and has the most comprehensive domain security data lake worldwide.


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CSC’s Domaincasting offers threat vector data (including phishing and brand attacks) from global partners as well as the unique data associated with their domain portfolios. This enables our clients to neutralize attacks simultaneously while enforcement actions are being taken.

Domaincasting’s data partners include global internet service providers (ISPs), security providers, browser carriers, security information and event management systems (SIEMs), telecom providers, registrars, web hosting providers, and law enforcement agencies. CSC shares Domaincasting data via multiple network protocols and applications including email, application programming interface (API), and other secure data exchange methods. As soon as CSC’s Threat Command Center (TCC) validates a threat targeting our clients, we publish the data within minutes to our partners and clients via API.


One-of-a-kind technology

  • Committed to continuous expansion of Domaincasting services networks through DomainSec platform's Machine Learning Deep Search (MLDS), a proprietary advanced search technology that accurately identifies suspicious domain names

  • Advanced one-of-a-kind technology harnesses ability to detect and mitigate the behaviors and potential registrations of bad actors and nation states

  • Other technologies in the industry use typos and exact matches which don't identify all potential permutations and techniques used by scammers

Unique data sets

  • Brand Protection, Fraud Protection, Domain Name System (DNS) Management, and URL Forwarding services

  • Largest set of enterprise-class domain portfolios in the world

  • Domaincasting allows CISOs to see various attack patterns targeting online assets of a corporation or subsidiary and merges data sets to create a comprehensive look at the threat landscape targeting domains and brands

Enterprise-class domain registrar

  • Largest global online footprint

  • Detect and mitigate fraud and brand abuse faster, having an essential allow-list

  • Deep understanding of the domain ecosystem

Enforcement services

  • The most integrated fraud enforcement package on the market today

  • Continuously monitoring for fraudulent domains that were taken down, and removal again if it comes back into use

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