As phishing attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, chances are your customers will receive emails pretending to be from you. They'll look convincing, with your logo, colors and tone of voice. The risk is complex and it can be hard to protect against. All it takes is one click and customers could unwittingly expose personal information or fall victim to a malware attack. All in your name.


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Our Email Fraud Protection service can help you introduce formal email protocols to manage messages that falsely claim to be you. CSC tackles phishing attacks and fraudsters head on—helping identify attacks further upstream, sometimes even before they reach your customers' inboxes. Authentication technology enables both email recipients and internet service providers (ISPs) to confirm a sender's identity, increasing the chances of legitimate email getting through while spoofed messages are filtered out.



We offer an authentication technology that confirms a sender's identity to increase the chance of legitimate email getting through while fake messages are filtered out. As well as blocking spam, phishing, and spoofing attacks, we can help enforce email-blocking policies with major global mailbox providers. We gather threat intelligence covering billions of email inboxes—about 80% of the world's email accounts.


  • Monitoring of outbound mail streams
  • Expanded visibility into threats from look-a-like and close-cousin domains
  • Proactive blocking of phishing and spoofing attacks
  • Faster takedown of malicious sites with forensic threat intelligence data
  • Real-time alerting of suspicious mail traffic
  • Seamless domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC) integration
  • Complete visibility of authentication failures
  • Proactive blocking of malicious threats
  • Real-time threat intelligence alerts
  • Seamless brand protection takedown vendor integration
  • Multi-layer defense strategy covering both direct domain and unaffiliated domain threats
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