The domain market is a tough place to do business. There are millions of domain names out there, registered across several hundred top-level domains, and plenty of fakes, infringers, and speculators among the legitimate operators. As more and more words, phrases, and abbreviations become domain names, businesses increasingly need to acquire the names they want from third parties. Professional help in acquiring domains is a valuable investment.


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CSC's offers one of the world's only Domain Name Acquisition services that can negotiate a purchase on your behalf and help you achieve the best price. Our service includes:

  • Assessment. Our teams will research the domain to determine the various approaches, including acquisition and enforcement options available for the domain, and recommend the best course of action.

  • Domain investigation and brokerage. Our Brokerage Team investigates domain ownership and its legitimacy with a digital asset investigation, to ensure the purchase is an informed investment decision, before negotiating on your behalf.

  • Strategy. With our experience and relationships, we can identify relevant third parties and offer strategic recommendations around budgets and alternative solutions.

  • Deal closure. Our end-to-end solution handles all aspects of the transaction and safely adds the new asset to a client's portfolio. We never disclose the identity of a brand owner or purchaser.

Domain Name Acquisition Services

We've purchased thousands of domain names on behalf of our clients, including high-profile domains that are now well-known primary websites. CSC's Domain Name Acquisition services puts this expertise to work on your behalf, giving you peace of mind and the best possible price for your new digital asset. We can also help you divest domain names, extract the value from them, and re-apply for more new domain names.

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