We manage the most trafficked websites online. That's why at CSC, we provide you with highly-secure, intelligent, managed services to support your valuable domain portfolios. We work on your behalf to maximize your investment, and save you money. We have the largest global footprint of enterprise domains on the internet with 24x7x365 capabilities.

Domain Management and Security Solutions
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)-accredited, battle-tested registrar for 20 years

  • Largest, most security conscious corporate registrar in the industry—managing more than 2.5 million domain names, including many of the most high-traffic names on the internet, across 1,713 extensions

  • One-stop-shop domain name management registering you for any extension across the globe

  • Enterprise-class tools and value-added services to simplify and secure management of your domain name portfolio

  • Managing over 1/3 of .BRANDS from the first round of ICANN's New gTLD Program

  • No monetizing of client domains via auctions, traffic diversion, or pay-per-click

  • Dedicated support during the entire client life cycle

  • Communicating all industry developments, trends, and threats

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At CSC, we aim to simplify the management and security of your domain name portfolio.

  • We make domain security our business
    Company domain names, domain name systems (DNS), and digital certificates are being attacked or compromised with increasing frequency, sophistication, and severity. CSC recommends using the principles of defense in depth for domain security, with the coordinated use of multi-layered security countermeasures.

    Learn more about domain security and our defense in depth approach.

Domain Management and Security Solutions
  • CSC Security CenterSM
    Helps you identify and mitigate security gaps related to vital domains.

    Learn more about CSC Security Center.

  • CSCDomainManagerSM
    CSC maintains the highest levels of security to keep your brands safe. CSCDomainManager uses rules-based technology, customizable reporting, granular user management, and more—and is the world's first multilingual domain management tool, available in English, French, and German.

Other key security features:

  • Integrated local presence

  • Privacy protection

  • Trademark Clearing House

  • Domain blocking

  • CSC MultiLock

  • Digital certificate with enabled certificate authority authorization (CAA) record configuration

  • CNAME validation

  • Enterprise domain name system (DNS)

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation

  • DNS security extensions (DNSSEC)

  • Domain name monitoring

Domain Management and Security Solutions


We can conduct business in our own name, on your behalf, or anonymously. CSC negotiates with the registrant, provides escrow services, and transfers the domain.

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Before you acquire a domain name that's owned by a third party, it's important to understand who owns it and what it could be worth. Domains aren't always legitimate or owned by credible people, and it can be difficult to assess their value to your business. Armed with a better understanding of the asset you want to secure, you're in a stronger negotiating position when the time comes to strike a deal.

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Domain Management and Security Solutions
New gTLD and Dot Brand Services


As the largest provider of .BRAND domain registrar and advisory services, we can assist with technical implementation, naming strategies, deployment plans, and data analysis related to launching and maintaining your new .BRAND asset.


We offer expert guidance to help you identify which trademarks you should file, as well as validation of trademark data (directly from ICANN) related to their New gTLD Program. Our process includes analyzing your trademark portfolio, compiling the required data, managing associated documents and Signed Mark Data files, alerting you to upcoming sunrise phases, and conducting filings on your behalf with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and subsequent new gTLD registries. CSC is an authorized TMCH agent.

New gTLD and Dot Brand Services
New gTLD and Dot Brand Services


Brand owners can effectively block registrations of their brand name across a number of registry offered blocks of new gTLDs (e.g., Donuts DPML, Uniregistry Uni EPS, ICM Registry AdultBlock and AdultBlock+).

As an accredited registrar for the registries that offer a blocking solution, CSC can offer insightful consultation and analysis in keeping brands safe in the digital realm, as well as provide potential cost saving opportunities.

Our Customers

When you have so many brands and so many corporate identities, the consolidation of your digital estate is absolutely paramount, so having partners you can trust is so important. We work really closely with the Client Service Team at CSC, and really, these guys are outstanding as they have real passion for what they're doing.

Luke O'Connell, head of Digital and CRM at Danone

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