CSC spoke to Simon Property Group’s SVP of Digital Strategy, Development, and Operations and Data Protection Officer (DPO)—Patrick Flanagan—to discuss how they protect their brand with CSC’s Domain and Brand Protection services, including domain name system (DNS) and registry lock security.

Simon’s online presence is “mission critical,” says Patrick. “As domains and DNS are underneath all the digital layers and surfaces that power our global enterprise, nothing can work in this connected, digital age if it’s not a high performing and scalable infrastructure. Our DNS and domain name registrar are core to it all.”

Simon uses CSC Security CenterSM as an additional layer of protection in their overall security posture. CSC Security Center provides Simon with quick auditing of user access levels, secure sockets layer certificate status, DNS security extension function, outside DNS providers, and CSC MultiLock status.

“Having all of our domains and DNS consolidated globally allows us to best manage a budget across a complex internal organization, ensure renewals of valued names and lapses of names that are no longer needed, establish consistently applied zone file standards to ensure optimal domain health and security, and enable a small, focused team to manage a large domain name portfolio efficiently,” adds Patrick.

With CSC’s help, Simon Property Group has refined their domain portfolio curation.

Simon Property Group Client Testimonial

Simon Property Group (NYSE: SPG) is a global leader in premier shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations and an S&P 100 company. Simon owns properties across North America, Europe, and Asia—and their shopping centers are more than places to shop—they’re a source of pride in the community. Simon works hard to be environmentally conscious, and they’re dedicated to maintaining lasting, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships across tenants, employees, shoppers, investors, and the communities in which they operate.

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“We’ve been able to optimize our domain portfolio by pruning out less desirable names and re-focusing dollars on new names that are more valuable to us,” says Patrick. “We’ve been able to ensure all of our names are active and driving traffic. Furthermore, we monitor top-level domain (TLD) names or generic domain (gTLD) names for our main brand terms and target our local brand terms at a core name space level. We’ve continued to focus on the core TLDs and not chase every blossoming new gTLD. Quality is superior to quantity—that approach is at the core of our strategy.”

Simon works with a dedicated customer service team, like all CSC customers do. CSC becomes a true extension of the team and learns the business they serve to best advise clients.

“Often in technology, companies buy for price or feature, but rarely on service. With CSC, the dedicated service team that assists is one of the strongest parts of the overall offering,” says Patrick. “We’ve continued to get so much added value from our CSC service team that we couldn’t have accomplished our goals without their help. CSC offers the ideal blend of reasonable pricing, useful and stable tools, and great service. They have experience running large portfolios that span the globe, with deep in-house expertise around the stickier things like the Trademark Clearinghouse, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, C&D strategies, and name acquisition and divestiture.”

Often in technology, companies buy for price or feature, but rarely on service. With CSC, the dedicated service team that assists is one of the strongest parts of the overall offering.

–  Patrick Flanagan, SVP of Digital Strategy

Patrick Flanagan
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