In full control of its diverse portfolio of brands

Due to the diverse portfolio of businesses Averis supports, domains play an important role in representing each business and brand online. Aside from websites, domains allow each business to own an email address that’s reflective of its brand.

Every year, their portfolio grows, and new domains are registered that vary between generic top-level domains (TLDs)—like .COM— or geographical country-code (ccTLDs) domain name extensions,depending on the nature and locality of the brand and business operation.

“Domains are valuable to our business, and critical domain names are our top priority to protect,” shares Norshahidah Mohd Mahayadin, virtual analyst at Averis. “Having a platform like CSCDomainManagerSM has been a great help; it’s easy, fast, and responsive. We’re confident our requests within the platform will be addressed immediately with no wait time. With every new registration or domain name system (DNS) update, we know exactly when replication will take place. We’re in full control of our domains and DNS.”

“There is also great teamwork with CSC’s Customer Service Team, and they’re always there to provide strategic guidance when needed. CSC shares many domain security best practices with us, and through the implementation of recommended security controls—such as registry locks—our core businesses are secured against online threats like DNS hijacking,” says Norshahidah.

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Averis is a world-class provider of global business services, dedicated to meeting the technological, market, and business challenges faced by their customers worldwide. They deliver a full suite of shared services, including business support and value-added services across backoffice operations, as well as consultancy and management decision support solutions, with a focus on information technology, human resources, finance and accounting, and shipping documentation services.

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Domains are valuable to our business, and critical domain names are our top priority to protect.

–  Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin, Virtual Analyst

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