CSC spoke to Roxane de Varine-Bohan, legal adviser for Comité Champagne, as well as Marie-Christine Virion, network administration project manager at the company, to discuss how they protect and secure their domains and brands with the CSCDomainManagerSM platform, CSC’s Brand Protection services, including domain name system (DNS), and registry lock security.

Roxane is responsible for the entire domain name portfolio and related security measures, as well as the protection of the Champagne name. She shares these brand protection duties with two stakeholders, and engages around 70 specializes law firms around the world.

Comité Champagne is regularly called upon to examine the defense and security policy of all the elements that make up the intangible heritage that is the Champagne appellation, including everything that may derive directly or indirectly from it.

Could you tell us about the biggest online threats your organization is facing?

“Our committee was created during WWII to protect the unique heritage of the Champagne region,” says Roxane. “Its credibility is based on simple and solid fundamentals. Our appellation is our collective heritage. The risks of dilution, weakening, misappropriation, counterfeiting, and nuisance are constant. The internet is a minefield where all these risks coexist. In terms of major threats, we are vigilant about the possible usurping of the Champagne Committee's DNS.”

Comité Champagne Client Testimonial

Created in 1941 by a law, the Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne—also known as Comité Champagne—is a semipublic organization that manages the common interests of winegrowers and merchants producing Champagne. This organization has been pursuing a quality policy for 80 years, aiming to support the entire Champagne industry and promote the heritage constituted by the Champagne appellation of origin.

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How do you protect your domain names? Why is this important for your organization?

Roxane adds, “Our work within the Comité Champagne is intrinsically linked to the preservation of the reputation of the name CHAMPAGNE, and therefore, to its present and future value. Registering or recovering and then keeping a domain name including CHAMPAGNE contributes to the preservation of its reputation. Reserving names including CHAMPAGNE is not an end in itself, but if not to regulate everything, it allows us to establish our credibility and reinforce our reputation where the rule is first come first served. Our number one objective is flawless security of the site.”

What is the comite champagne's overall policy for managing its online presence?

“The domain name policy and registration of appellation throughout the world must be protected. Studies are carried out by the Comité Champagne’s viticulture and oenology departments, then the strategy for protecting and promoting each finding is decided. We also seek to be the most visible on all search engines in as many countries as possible.”

What are the main IP issues you face?

“Champagne is obviously registered as a geographical indication (GI), however geographical indications are governed and managed differently around the world. While the internet landscape is in many ways similar to the world of trademarks, geographical indications are much more difficult to oversee and protect.”

These issues are important:

Daily issues:

  • • Constant vigilance and analysis of opportunities to recover country code top-level domains and generic top-level domains in defensive or proactive terms

  • • Dilution of the reputation of the CHAMPAGNE appellation in domain names through cybersquatting, typosquatting, etc.

  • • Counterfeiting and misappropriation on platforms

Future issues:

  • • The new extension .CHAMPAGNE is under study; the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy is not open to geographic indications

How do you use the resources provided by CSC for this management and protection?

“The Champagne Committee is autonomous from a technical and legal viewpoint. However, we built and manage our portfolio of domain names with a great deal of patience and specificity. The CSC staff’s professionalism and quick reaction to issues is of the utmost importance. CSC has set up numerous security systems for our intangible assets as responses to the dangers we face,” says Marie-Christine.

She adds, “We enjoy easy access to our client service partner who centralizes our requests. We get a very quick response on modification orders and can trace them easily. We get great support when registering to buy domain names, and above all, CSC supports our strategic thinking. However, CSC’s security is what really makes the difference. As an example, we use CSC’s MultiLock service, which requires double authentication for access to our accounts.”

What is your experience working with CSC and your dedicated CSC representatives?

“We chose CSC after extensive research. CSC has the know-how and places great emphasis on personal and direct contact with its clients. This is a real added value in our relationship, which must above all be one of trust. The world of the internet is nebulous and complex. Only professionals who are precise, educated, and constantly on the lookout are able to avoid the worst risks and answer our questions. CSC is one of them,” says Marie-Christine.

Would you recommend CSC to other companies?

“Without a shadow of a doubt.”

We chose CSC after extensive research. CSC has the know-how and places great emphasis on personal and direct contact with its clients. This is a real added value in our relationship, which must above all be one of trust.

–  Marie-Christine Virion, Network Administration Project Manager

Marie-Christine Virion
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