CSC's eCommerce Monitoring and Discovery services (Marketplace Monitoring) identifies the online sale of branded goods by third parties, uncovering a range of potential infringement types that can affect brands, including counterfeiting, trademark infringements, or infringement of copyright, patents, or design rights.


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Relevant eCommerce activity can take place across many channels. Key areas of monitoring are online marketplaces such as eBay®, Alibaba®, and Taobao. CSC monitors more than 400 individual online marketplaces globally.

Marketplace Monitoring services

When monitoring marketplaces, our Discovery Engine is also able to extract relevant information from each listing—such as seller name, quantity of items, price, and more—making it possible to aggregate information. This allows us to calculate data such as the total number of items offered by a particular seller or the total value of goods offered. By using this methodology, we identify key targets for enforcement action.

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