Creating a Cost-Effective Domain Name Watching Program

Creating a Cost-Effective Domain Name Watching Program

The monitoring and management of domain names are central components of the business administration and brand protection activities of any organization with an online presence.

Consequently, a domain monitoring component is vital to any comprehensive brand protection solution. Domain name monitoring identifies the registration of third-party domains containing a brand name of interest (or variations) in as close to real time as possible. This allows content to be analyzed and tracked, and—where infringements are found—enforcement action to be taken.

Some enforcement approaches—particularly those involving domain disputes or acquisitions—can be time consuming and costly. They may also only be appropriate when the organization or brand owner wishes to reclaim the domain for its own use. Therefore, it’s important to have a toolkit of enforcement approaches that allows the most effective approach to be selected in any given case while reserving other options for escalation. These include cease-and-desist notices, host-level content removal, registrar- or registry-level suspensions, and more.

CSC’s David Barnett wrote a full article about creating a cost-effective domain watching program.

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Accreditation: This is an extract from the 2022 edition of WTR’s Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022. The whole publication is available here.